The area offers many attractions and invites you to make all kinds of trips. Here are a few of the many available if required.


In Uzes, the Pont du Gard, the impressive aqueduct over the Gardon, which was built by the Romans to provide water to Nimes.


At the Anduze Bambouserai, the largest bamboo forests of Europe. Here you will find trees hundreds of years old, a huge range of bamboo, a tropical garden and much more.

A visit worth.


In the Herault the impressive Cirque de Navacelles. This is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in France. At the bottom of this basin is a wonderful opportunity for recreation.


The Mont Aigoual is the highest mountain in the Cevennes, about 1500 meters high. At the top is the meteorological station.


This, and the more than fabulous view is well worth a visit. The route to it is an experience in itself. You will see the Cevennes in all its splendor by crosses.


And about 75 km to the south, the Camargue, with hundreds of saltwater lakes, pink flamingos, bulls and white horses. It is an area rich in flora and fauna.







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