the River

The campsite is situated over 700 m along the riverside of the Gardon. Naturally this river is not very deep, but due to the dam, there are deeper sections in the river where you can swim.
The river does not flow very hard and that is why it is perfect to play, swim, build dams, for canoeing and fishing.
Just behind the dam, where the river is a lot shallower, it is perfect for fishing, but also for gold-digging (yes, there really is gold to find in the river!).
During season (June – September) the water quality is being monitored every two weeks by the French government. The past years the quality of the water has always been good.
There are a lot of fish in the Gardon. You can fish for carp, catfish, perch, trout and the common raoch which is called ‘Gardon’ in French.

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