Yes, you can search for gold in the river that runs alongside the campsite, and, with a little patience and perseverance, you will certainly find it! The Gardon is one of the few rivers in France where gold is found. And because of the water level, and the standard quantity of stones behind which are the gold locks, our river is perfectly adapted to the search for gold.

Because a lot of water comes from the mountains in the winter, so it is regularly high water, the gold comes down with this stream. If the water is higher, it also deposits a lot of sediment on the sides of the river. Wherever water is blocked, sand, stones and gold will sink down. So these are great places to search. The great thing about gold is that it is incredibly heavy, so it drops to the bottom.

You do not need very much for the gold search, of course as the first protection against the sun and water shoes, but with a bowl and shovel you can already start searching considerably. In the reception you can borrow a gold digging set, so a dish and shovel, for a whole day, for a small fee.


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The fact that our river is rich in gold is evident from the fact that every year in May the “Championnat Nationale d’Orpaillage” is held here in Cardet. From all over France, the “chercheurs d’or” come here to compete for the title “National champion d’Orpaillage”, so National gold-mining champion!