Booking conditions

Conditions pitch

Your reservation is final only after receipt of the deposit (100 €) and reservation costs (20 €).

You will pay this amount once our confirmation is received.
We will then inform you of the means of payment.
You will then receive a confirmation with the invoice for the entire period. You will pay the total amount 14 days before your arrival date.
Additional nights (if any) will be charged at the end of your stay.
In high season, reservations are made for a minimum of 7 nights. In low season, it is not necessary to book.
If canceled up to 6 weeks before arrival date, the deposit will be refunded. With a camping pitch, you yourself consider cancellation insurance!

Rental booking conditions
Your reservation is final only after receipt of the deposit (30% of the amount) and the reservation costs (20 €).

This will be requested after you receive our confirmation / invoice. We will then inform you of the means of payment.
For the remaining amount, you will receive an invoice 10 weeks before the rental period. If you book less than 2 months before your arrival, you will directly receive an invoice for the full amount.
We rent by the week but in high season a minimum of 14 nights of accommodation is required for the reservation.
If canceled up to 14 weeks before the arrival date, the deposit will be refunded.
We also offer cancellation insurance.

Cancellation insurance

Rate: 6% of the total rent to be paid when the reservation is paid.
Right to reimbursement of the rent paid in whole or in part.

In order to qualify for reimbursement, one of the following uncertain events must occur in the event of cancellation:

Accident, illness, hospitalization or death of the insured / his / her spouse, descendants or ancestors.

Serious damage for which the presence of the insured is required on the day of departure: theft, fire or natural disaster that has damaged the insured’s home.

Dismissal for economic reasons from the insured or his / her spouse.

Medically necessary intervention with you or with your partner or a child who lives with you. This intervention can only be done during the travel / rental period.

Divorce of the insured person; the divorce proceedings have been initiated.

Medical complications as a result of the pregnancy of you or the partner living with you.
These complications must be so serious that the trip cannot be taken on medical grounds.

The cancellation insurance is no longer effective once the rental starts and does not apply when the above-mentioned circumstances occur during the holiday.