Animation for all

High season
In high season our animation team (English speaking) will make sure your children do not get bored, if they don’t want to! But also, for the ‘bigger’ kids and adults we organize activities.
Every day activities are organized. Several popular activities are crafting or games for the little ones in the morning. Soccer, volleyball and table tennis for the sporty camper. And what about our famous minidisco in the swimming pool for every happy camper!
Several times a week larger games and activities are being organized by our team. Treasure hunt, the animal sound game, the large exchange game or a lantern parade with a cozy campfire at the end. Sundays are for ‘jeu de boules’, the jeu de boules course is situated right next to the restaurant, in the atmospferic centre of the campsite: spectators guaranteed!
Once a week we have a great band who makes sure you have a nice evening with pop-rock music. Feel free to dance and enjoy the music of all times.The bar is opened the whole evening.

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