Here you will find a series of brief descriptions of the walks in the immediate vicinity and further can be made. These walks have ourselves walked in past winters for years. The descriptions of these walks and routes can be found walking in the special edition at the reception. Every winter and every spring we set out to do, or the old walks herlopen, or new routes to add to the list. This is definitely not a punishment; the environment is and remains exciting to amount to!

Around Cardet


Distance: 8 km
Duration: 2 hours

 Cardet is a village with about 800 inhabitants. It was founded in the 15th century. It has a bakery, a bar, a hairdresser and a post office (now also a broker!). This is all the residents need. The village is far from modernization and crowds. The walk goes around Cardet and gives you a good view of the village and its expansive and radiating calm environment.

 Forest Cardet







Walk Distance: 6 km
Duration: 1.5 hours

Nice to do this walk from the campsite to and through the forest of Cardet. An ancient and beautiful forest. It is 7 acres and is located between the wine fields. In the forest you will find the old oak tree. It has been in this place for centuries, right in the middle of the forest. 

Lacan (and the castle of Tornac) 

 Walk distance: 5 (shortened) or 9 (long) km.
 Distance from camp: 7km
 Duration: 2.5 (shortened) or 4 hours (long)

 Not to far from the campsite is this Lacan walk. Divided in a short and a long walk. They both begin with a fairly steep climb, but then it gives you a fantastic view over Anduze and its surroundings. Do you have enough energy left, then you can also to the castle of Tornac.

Col d'Uglas

Walk Distance: 8 km
Distance from camp: 29 km
Duration: 2 1/2 hours
A very beautiful and varied walk with magnificent views. You are right in the middle of the  Cevennes.

Corbes and the Grotte de Vallaurie






Walk Distance: 9 km
Distance from camp: 18 km
Duration: about 2 1/2 to 3 hours

A wonderful walk through the beautiful countryside with beautiful views of the village Mialet, the gate of the Cevennnes at Anduze and the Cevennes itself. 



 Walk Distance: 12 km
Distance from camp: 18 km
Duration: about ± 3 1/2 hours
Very nice walk through a beautiful part of the Cevennes., Just beyond Anduze, towards Lasalle.

Gorges du Gardon


 Distance: 5km
Distance from camp: ± 38 km
Duration walk: 2 hours
Tag: first none, later yellow / red fine, short walk to a beautiful piece of river and an exciting cave.

Pont de Camisards


Afstand : 10 km

Afstand vanaf de camping:16 km

Tijdsduur : 3 uur

De wandeling begint bij de 'Pont de Camisards'. Deze is genoemd naar destijds de in de bergen wonende protestanten 'de Camisards'

Een echte 'Cevennen' wandeling.

Lasalle - Colognac

Distance: 10 km
Distance from camp: 28km
Duration: 3.5 hours
Lasalle is a really pleasant and tyical Cevennes style village. Among others known for its elongated street 1.7 km long. This beautiful walk with lots of beautiful scenery goes through the village Colognac. This is very fascinating with its views of the expansieve prairies

Le gouffre des Aiguières

gouffre aig

Afstand : 6 km

Afstand vanaf de camping: 39km

Tijdsduur : 2.5 uur 

 Niet ver vanAles ontdekt u een prachtige ravijn, verstopt in de hellingen van de helling van de Mont Bouquet. Deze sportieve wandeling, waarbij u in het voorjaar kans maakt op een paar natte voeten, is mooi en rustgevend, en als er water in de rivier zit is hij nog meer adembenemend. Bij de waterval kun je naar beneden klauteren en (zeker in voor -en/of najaar) een frisse duik nemen in dit paradijslijk deel van onze mooie Gard! Het water van de gouffre (put) is, vooral na een regenbui, prachtig van kleur.

Le Ranc de Bane


Afstand : 11 km

Afstand vanaf de camping: 40 km

Tijdsduur : 4,5 uur

Bijzondere, en lekker sportieve wandeling met prachtige vergezichten. De wandeling loopt o.a.door de grot van Caume Clauside. Deze grot is vanaf oudsher bewoond geweest vanaf de middeleeuwen tot aan de tijd vandle Camisards en ook door schapenhoeders met hun kuddes.

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