Our campsite is situated about 700 meters along the river Gardon.


Along the banks the  river is not very deep, but because of the dam in the river, there are several deeper parts where you can swim. The river does not flow rapidly and has many shallow areas, which makes it very suitable to jump in and splash, build dams, to paddle, and fishing. Downstream of the dam, the water is very low. Here it is great fishing and there is even actual gold to be found!


During summer season (June through September) the water quality in the river is controlled five times by an official French organization. In recent years, the water quality has always been optimal. The results for Cardet are published on: click here to open the site


There are plenty of fish in the Gardon, you can find all kind of different species like carp, catfish, perch and trout.



















swimming pool


Our pool is about 10 by 20 meters. The swimming pool is surrounded by meter-high banana trees and palms. In the spring it is heated (in summer it is heated by the sun!).


The pool area is opened every day from 10 am to 9 pm. The pool is constantly self-cleaning (filtering and addition of anti-bacteria). And it gets an overhaul every morning.


Twice a season, there is an official state control.


Next to the main pool is a separate area, our so-called paddling pool. This is where the youngest - of course under the supervision of their parents – can play and can overcome their fear of water.


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